11 August 2008

Counting down

Well it’s T minus 4 till departure. Mother has defied the laws of physics and decanted half of Sainsbugs into our motorhome – should there be an apocalypse on the way down the A10 I think we’re good for a six month survivalist siege. We went over to check the van yesterday and to start packing some of the 6 million teabags into the overhead lockers. We also took the opportunity of turning the engine over, a good thing really as it was as flat as a Robin Evans’ speech. An hour of faffing around with some prehistoric jump leads later, we gave up and called the AA, who turned up in 50 minutes, got us started and gave us some excellent advice going forward on how to preserve our battery. It’s now being slowly cooked with a battery charger, and a good run down to Folkestone and then on down to Carcassonne should see it fully rehabilitated – fingers crossed.

Between now and then, we have a bloggers’ meet in the diary, as Lesley and Joe off Caxton are camping just up the road and we’ve arranged to meet them for lunch. We’ll be trying to infiltrate Ranger into their Labrador gang – a bit of Kiwi boot polish is all that’s needed to make him a perfect ringer. As Ranger’s nickname is Fuzzy, there’s a perfect alliterative alignment with new muckers to be, Floyd and Fletcher. We’re hoping Lesley and Joe won’t notice this covert pack expansion after a few pints of Adnams’ finest. It’ll be great to hear all about their plans for the future and to indulge in some boating chat – I guess dogs, blogs and bogs will feature prominently, so I’ll be in my element. You know me, very high brow.

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