01 August 2008

Happy birthday

My gorgeous lovely Miffy is 8 years old today. The little shy dog that came to share our home more than three years ago is a far cry from the confident, self-possessed and independent little miss she is now and it’s been wonderfully rewarding to see her change and to respond to the love and affection of a forever home. She is so young in spirit and so sprightly in her ways that I can’t ever imagine her growing old and leaving me. It’ll be Cumberland sausage treats for tea. Another year older, another year wider....


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miffy - extra cuddles from us!
The only good thing about those ear tattoos is that we get to know the history of our rescue dogs,including their birthdays. This is very important for the appropriate adminstration of extra sausage on top of what they've stolen and otherwise wheedled out of us during the year).
Sue, Indigo Dream

Lesley and Joe K said...

Happy birthday Miffy enjoy your sausages. We have just eaten a whole meat pie, well it shouldn't have been left about should it?
Fletcher and Floyd Labrador

liz 'n mike said...

Belated birthday greetings to Miffy - she looks gorgeous in her blue coat. Being the "ma and pa" of two "rescue" dogs, your comments about her being in a forever home really struck a chord - I suspect Molly and Bess feel much the same way.
Anthropomorphism lives!!

Liz, ex Snecklifter

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

I know Molly and Bess are very lucky dogs indeed to have such a doting mum and dad!