14 August 2008

Le depart

Rush, rush, rush, no time to blog. Hospital appointment, passport collection, dog walking, shopping, packing, dog mustering, into the van and go. By the time you read this, we’ll probably be asleep in some lay-by outside Folkestone, waking in a panic to find that we’ve left Arthur behind only to locate him cowering in the loo. The flying baked bean tins have scarred him for life, obviously. I’m looking forward to buttering up some fresh baguettes and croissants en route – I daresay A will give me the evils for putting jammy mitts on his dash but you know what, je m’en fiche! Blogging service will be resumed as soon as we have done battle with France Telecom and succeeded in setting up mother’s broadband. Sometime in 2011...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time - hope you find the summer in France. We will miss your blog - it always makes us smile!

Sue, Indigo Dream