15 August 2008

Un post

Ah ha...a cunning pre-post means you don’t even get one day without me! All being well we should be in France when you read this, probably somewhere around Limoges with a fair wind behind us (sausages for the dogs pre-departure). From my researches it appears that they are anticipating my arrival weather-wise and giving me English cool and cloud, as opposed to 90 degree Mediterranean sunshine – generous and thoughtful but really not necessary. I want to be able to blog standing in the pool, not in my coat. Here’s hoping le meteo is as accurate as Michael Fish circa 1997...

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Anonymous said...

Hi D/O/Tour....Ive been reading your blog for a while....i think your greyhounds rule the roost at yours!!!What a great life you have got with your adopted family ! Hope you have a good time on your trip (i cant really say have a good holiday, your are on holiday permanentely!! ENJOY!!
the troll of bridge 77