04 August 2008

K2 K9s

Dogs. While I’m rarely outdone on numbers, I am onto a bit of a loser when it comes to variety. So, Steve Edwards (you're too kind), I’ll give you your moment of glory as you shamelessly show off not only a green-eyed monster inducing tug deck but four cracking dogs of infinite hue – two beagles, a golden Lab and a GSD. And did you see that shepherd? What a poser! Doing his best-cutie-look-straight-into-the-camera thing. Indeed, the calmness and order prevalent in the whole photo is quite impressive – they’re all looking the right way for one thing and no-one’s bum is obscuring someone else’s face. There’s a spirit of co-operation there, a sense of propriety. My lot are the same, really. Oh look, there’s the camera, let’s be good for mummy, let’s make a lovely photo...

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