02 June 2008

Back home and backing the little people

Another two days, and what was closer to 700 miles than 600 actually, and we’re back home. A great week at Dunnet Bay rounded off with another jet-boat trip, this time round the geologically-blest seascape of Duncansby Head. Caves, stacks, arches, coves and inlets all vied for attention, their rugged appeal even overcoming the nausea brought on by the anal efflux of 200,000 nesting birds. That’s ten times as many as made the niff on Stroma earlier in the week. Quelle stink! The RIB was propelled along by a Cummins 435 HP diesel turbo engine - put that in your narrowboat engine bay and smoke it!

We broke the homeward journey again, this time stopping at the beautiful Nunnykirk Caravan Club site just west of Morpeth. We pitched in between two caravans and one of the couples was immediately interested in the dogs because they had a greyhound at home called Jelly (he used to be so scared, he wobbled). He had been rescued from gypsies, a severe cruelty case and he wasn’t expected to live but thankfully he pulled through and he’s now thriving.

Cruelty can come in many forms. Today I nipped off to fettle up the house as we just had crumbs in the cupboards and my eye was drawn to a couple who were protesting outside the front of Tesco. Apparently, their young Rottweiler had injured a leg quite badly and needed an operation that would cost in the region of £2500. The couple claimed on their Tesco pet insurance and were refused, their argument being that it was linked to a previous leg injury. Three separate vets have written to say that the two injuries are not linked but as yet, Tesco are not coughing up. This is corporate nastiness to a couple who did what they thought was best for their dog ie insuring it, and who when they need the help just get the big ‘eff off’, despite the seeming legitimacy of the claim. It was good to see the local papers taking an interest in their protest and I was told The TV people were due any minute. I’m doing my bit by blogging about it and I also gave the couple details of a number of publications they should talk too as well. If Tesco and the insurance company that handles their business, UK Insurance Ltd, had any sense of right or wrong, then they’d sort this matter out immediately. Thus far I’ve been very fortunate in not having had a problem with pet insurance – I use Pet Plan and M&S and both have been excellent thus far. You pay a bit more but greys are so bloody delicate that you certainly get your money’s worth.

We’re off to the boat soon. Between now and next week, I need to sort out some new recliners. I’ve got a company in mind and I’ll report back if they come up with the goods. I also need to speak to Lee Sanitation about bog bits. The day is fast approaching when we’re going to have to take the sender out of the poo tank and smell the consequences. Mind you, after all those guillemots and razorbills doing their bird’s business everywhere, it might not seem that bad. Pass me my mask and snorkel!

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