11 June 2008

Caxton presses on

Delighted to see that Lesley and Joe on NB Caxton have picked up the blogging pace and are now giving us regular reports on their lives as ‘insania nave angusti’ takes a firm grip (that’s narrowboat mania in new money). Their Reeves hull is now safely installed with Barnowl Narrowboats in the West Midlands and for Lesley and Joe, delivery was definitely a bit of a Rubicon moment.

"Caxton is craned off of A B Tuckey's lorry and safely delivered to his new nursery for the next four months. I guess every single person who has ever commissioned a boat eagerly anticipates this stage; it all seems so real now, so bloody exciting!"

It takes me back to our own build, undoubtedly one of the best times of our life, and sometimes I wonder about commissioning a new boat just so that I can savour all that excitement again. We were annoyingly regular visitors, but it was hugely satisfying to see the progress made each trip and, of course, it enabled us to keep an eye on the whole project and ensure that any issues were dealt with promptly. For example, the letterbox was simply not big enough.....

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