15 June 2008


Oh flippin’ ‘eck. According to Granny Buttons, my Dog Roll post will soon go cold as it needs constant updating.

“What's needed is a quick and simple list of links of dog-friendly blogs in a sidebar. I wonder who'll be the first to set one up?”

Of course, that's Andrew's little joke as he's already done it but I feel as I set this particular hare running, and that I lead the way in canine passengers, I do have a certain duty to maintain the non plus ultra of Dog Rolls. Thus I too have added a new bit to my blog and will endeavour to keep it hot. If you have a dog on a blog and I haven’t discovered you yet, then please woof me out of my ignorance by leaving a comment on this post.


Adam said...

Have you seen Cassie, the latest crew member on The Maisibert?


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi Adam

Good spot, thank you! Strange actually as I've just been on that site and seen the cute pics and it didn't register that I needed to add them onto the dog roll. Doh, advancing age is taking its toll!

All the best


Richard said...

Here is another one which I found by accident (googling on engine alignment of all things)


scroll down to the bottom

I think we would need more room for the criminal record section though ...

Anj P said...

We have a very reluctant dog on our narrowboat Serendipity. At present I have yet to get a good photo of him not cringing in terror.

He is very good at escaping at the earliest oportunity, generally into the canal. Number of dunkings I think he had so far are 10+ Hence he is always tetherd

By the way he is a Jack russell /Yorkie Cross name "Godrick". Long story.

Love the pictures of yours, I can only hope mine will some day settle.

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi Anj

I have to say that we are extraordinarily lucky that they settle so well. Monty was an escape artist until I had enough of going through hedges on my belly so you have my sympathy. I did hear once that a chap spent £80,000 on a new boat and then sold it almost immediately as his dog didn't like it!