13 June 2008

Bloggers union

Hot on the heels of Petroc and Epiphany coming together, I've had my own bloggers' union. And hey, what a good job I said nice things about Geoff on Seyella because I met him today! And he lived up to his billing, what a lovely chap! In fact, everyone was lovely - Geoff’s wife, Mags, cruising pal Carol, and the two pooches Meg and Sealy. I just happened to look up from my laptop as Seyella disappeared over the horizon so I rushed off to the locks like some demented half-wit to introduce myself. Ten minutes of chat then I let them get on their way, it was too nice an afternoon to ensnare them with my endless burblings. Guys, it was wonderful to meet you all, and hope to see you again some time.

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