16 June 2008

Evidence in camera

When the weather is glorious, when the sun shines nose to tail of the dog day and when I’m stuck at home, then you’ll often hear me throwing up the lament ‘How I wish I was on the boat’. I’m sure you’ve all done it...But being a sanguine sort, A will then rain on my parade by telling me that it’s probably pants on the Cheshire plain and we’re better off where we are. Having seen the tenacity of depressions up there (meteorological leading to mental), I can only nod in acquiescence and return deflated to my keyboard. I’d love to be able to refute him with hard evidence just once...a forecast is not hard evidence, of course, so what can I do? How can I prove that the sun does shine north of Watford and earn more exeats to the cut? Well, folks, I think I may have the solution thanks to Camserv. Oh yes, this little beauty is a webcam parked outside the Empress Holidays yard at Nantwich, giving us a view north (of the facilities block) and south (towards the aqueduct). You can easily see the sun reflected off the cut, definitely prima facie evidence that my facie and body should be heading up the M6 confestim.

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Adam said...

That's fantastic! It's certainly sunny there at the moment, and I even saw a boat go past (shown first on the south camera, then a couple of refreshes later on the north one).

I was also amused by clicking on the button marked "more cameras". It takes you to Wirralcam, with the strapline "the closest thing to being there..."!