19 June 2008

Cute dog alert

Sorry, just had to squeeze in this post. Nev of Waterlily asks:

"Does Leia get me enrolled into the dog bloggers roll call them??"

She certainly does, and she gets her own post because I'm a sucker for a cutie. How could anyone resist this?

She's so dinky and hardly takes up any room, whereas I'm trapped in my recliner by a sea of snozzing dog bodies. Shame, can't do the washing up...
P.S. You may have got the impression that we have to endure a Fartathon on board, but I'd like to make it clear, in the interests of fairness and veracity, that eruptions are characterized more by their potency than by their regularity. Toxicity levels remain within acceptable limits - the canary ain't pegged it yet.

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