10 June 2008

Sibling rivalry goes up a gear

The brothers Edwards are at it again with their sibling rivalry. Once again, consanguinity is not respected as they take each other on in the ‘Breaking K2’s gear linkage’ competition. At the moment, it’s Steve 1, Andy 1 but it's anyone's game.

I also couldn’t help noticing that Steve recently jumped ship and swapped the 20 tonnes of K2 for the 30,000 tonnes of the P&O cruise ship, Arcadia. He may have packed his house into a Merc convertible, but I reckon he should quit while he’s ahead. He’ll never get that into Brinklow Marina. And how would his hosepipe reach?

P.S. Have a taste of cruising without the seasickness courtesy of the P&O webcams. Is it me or does one ocean look very much like another?

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