16 June 2008

Is there a finer recliner?

The other day I said that I was very easily pleased by retailers, service providers etc. Well today I am enjoying a super abundance of pleasure, a cornucopia of joy and happy feelings – and it’s all thanks to Leather Seats Online. We’ve been looking for two replacement recliners for the saloon and having clocked an ad in Canal Boat the other month, I toddled off to the LSO website. What they lack in choice of styles and colours, they more than make up for in quality and value, so I settled for a couple of Cassini chairs in chestnut. (Web pics don't really do the chair justice)

We wanted them delivered directly to the marina as there was no way I was going to get the dogs to sit on swivel chairs if we put them in the car, so I rang up and spoke to the very charming Jonathan. Not only was delivery to the boat absolutely fine, he even arranged for the courier’s arrival to coincide with our own, as we didn’t really want to impose on the office with the storage of two boxes the size of a small elephant. Of course, promising is one thing, following through is quite another but Jonathan was as good as his word. As we approached the office, we could see the boxes causing a partial eclipse of the sun and it was with some excitement that we climbed inside with a ladder to inspect them. Well, what can I say? They are quite magnificent, and once we wrestled them inside the boat, we also realised they are quite huge. But they are gorgeous, sumptuous and perfectly proportioned for my backside. I’m a very happy bunny so Leather Seats Online gets the big Greygal seal of approval.

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