22 June 2008

Greys, guffs and gatherings

Sue of Indigo Dream thinks she has problems? She describes her sleeping arrangements thus:

"In this cosy cabin sleep me, Richard and Blue (in a nest of duvets, blankets and cushions at the end of our bed). Blue had always slept here as he likes to be close to the pack. Terry Pratchett describes a barn as being ‘cosy, warm and slightly flatulent’ place - that’s our boat bedroom with two humans and a dog!"

Well, in our back cabin you have five dogs fighting for three dog beds and then the three winners trying it on vis a vis grabbing a cosier billet on mum and dad’s bed. When all has settled down, you’re slowly drifting off when a noxious vapour tickles your nostrils and wakes you up gagging and coughing. Each morning you’re awoken by the sound of trumpets voluntary, followed by avid slurping and licking sounds as personal parts are washed. You’re afraid to light the gas lest a methane pocket explode and once you’ve brought tea back to bed, some mutt’s trying to mug you for it.

NB Elsewhere probably knows what I’m talking about. Indigo Dream (two greys) recently met Elsewhere at Calcutt Locks and promptly discovered that they had three greys aboard. If we had by some chance also been coming up, there would have been a greyhound ‘meet and greet’ of ten hounds, although with Susie around it would have turned into a ‘meet and sneer’ or a ‘meet and boss everyone around’. She’s such a charmer.

However, that’s not much of a grey gathering when you compare it to the ‘Greyhounds Reach The Beach’ annual event at Dewey Beach, Delaware. Thousands of hounds and their owners get together to promote and celebrate greyhound adoption as only Americans can – this short video clip should tell you all you need to know. I like the ‘bones pyjamas’ myself....could look quite good on the dogs too.


Anonymous said...

Poor dogs. Get conveniently blamed for everything.


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

And there are so many to blame! I hope they don't get a complex...