19 June 2008

Brotherly bogging blogging

Those Edwards boys are at it again (Khayamanzi Andy and K2 Steve). After the ‘breaking K2’s gear linkage’ competition, they’ve now moved onto ‘who is the best bogologist’. No sooner had Andy eyed up his brother Steve’s loo than brother Steve’s loo went on the blink. Meanwhile, Andy’s own convenience was being inconvenient and playing hard to flush. With the help of an exploded diagram, Steve got to the bottom of his problems, throwing down the (presumably long rubber) gauntlet to Andy. Top that, bruv. Well, he only went and did it – and then some. It was like the Bionic Man reincarnated as the Bionic Bog – we have the technology, we can rebuild it.....everything (and I mean everything) came out, everything was cleaned up, everything was put back together again and even better it actually worked. Apparently, Andy was to be heard walking up K2’s pontoon humming ‘Anything you can do, I can do better’. These brotherly adventures will run and run...

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